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About Me

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

I have always been a storyteller. In preschool, I would create little shows for my family with all of my stuffed animals. I had a vivid imagination that never stopped evolving as I grew older. I would spend hours a day playing in my room with a pile of LEGO mini figures and a Batman playhouse. The Batman house was always the center of my stories. Serving as the villain's lair or the good guy’s secret hideout, I would play out elaborate storylines of my little guys battling or going on adventures on the carpet of my room. 


Filmmaking is an expression and outlet for my storytelling and imagination. I daydream and constantly create little stories in my head, which film allows me to bring to life. Through the formation of a character or the plot of a story, film is a way for me to convey my emotions and imagination to others. The process of creating is an incredible journey. Each phase of making a movie can add so much to the story and at the same time completely change it.  


My writing partner and I created a movie for the Buckley Film Festival called “Le Lait.” It is a story about a girl who is dropped off at a relatives’ house only to find that everything isn’t as it seems. At night she is woken by the sound of a piano playing in the house, peaking her curiosity, leading her to go explore. She is quickly noticed by the strange family and is chased down to the basement. In a short moment of solace, she opens a door and finds the real family tied up, but before she can react she is caught by the imposter dad. The entire movie was built off of this one moment. 


We were struggling to come up with a story but had the idea for an amazing climax. We started with “what if” this girl opens the door in the basement and finds a family tied up? We didn’t have a full story but “what if” allowed us to use our imagination and creativity to build a world and story arc based on that question. Asking “what if” provides endless possibilities. The question alone allows me to utilize my wild imagination and bring things to life. I am constantly questioning "what if” we had a character do this or “what if” we had a shot like that? These “what if” questions usually aren’t the whole story - they are a catalyst. For example, when filming “Le Lait," we thought “what if '' the main character was woken up by an ominous piano echoing through the house. This scene ended up being an incredible moment that created great tension for our audience. 


The filmmaking process always makes me feel like I have control of my imagination and that I can create an impact with an underlying message in just one frame. After I create a story and figure out how I want to connect with my audience, I begin to storyboard shots and figure out how the music can bring depth, dimension, and evoke emotion in a scene. Finally through editing, I can shape the final narrative.


The Batman house in my room created a new world and escape for me. My carpet became the edges of outer space or a giant battlefield and the stories I created sparked my love for filmmaking, allowing me to use my imagination to create a story and bring it to life.   

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